School bus rv floor plans

School bus rv floor plans


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school bus rv floor plans

Thanks for visiting! With the same amount of money, or often for even less capital, you can convert the unfathomable the school bus conversion into the very real, very funky, very you RV!

Share your best conversion photos in the comments section! Before embarking on your own RV conversion, always be sure to have a game plan. Have an idea of how much square footage you want to work with. Keep in mind, the bigger the rig, the bigger the budget. Make a meticulous floor plan, set a budget and stick to it, take your time, and make your dream home a reality! There are tons of floor plans available online for these widespread rigs.

Below are two examples of a gorgeous, minimal, and cozy school bus conversion! Just as a regular school bus conversion seems like an obvious choice, so does a city bus. These naturally wide and tall ceilinged buses afford spacious renovation room with an airy open feel. Their wide-open windows create a ton of natural light you might not normally be able to achieve in a run of the mill RV. If you can get past your fear of ghosts, remodeling an ambulance into an expedition grade RV has some pretty great perks.

The owner, Bruce Baldwin, decided to remodel an ambulance after breaking three flimsy travel trailers while off-roading. A Chevy Viking Short school bus conversion? If you happen to come across one of these retro short buses with reasonably sound structure and little deterioration, it would definitely be worth while to overhaul. This particular remodel was handled by Winkelman Architecture firm, and seats 12 comfortably with the couches converting to 2 beds accompanied by proper plumbing complete with a sink and bathroom.

Shipping containers are becoming more and more commonly used for things other than containing shipments. It seems only logical that the vehicle we use to move our belongings from one place to the next could also be a viable space to convert into a home on wheels.

One man did just that, from blueprints to 35 foot-once-U-haul turned-RV complete with a large slide out, bathroom, bedroom, and solar panels to top it off. So next time instead of moving your stuff from A to B, skip the B, install a few amenities, and set up camp in a U-Haul.

Another mode of public transportation perfect for renovating into an RV! From the Southeast Asian style shower-toilet combo to the Murphy bed, fold-up table, and tiny kitchen, this 80 sq. The hideaway features allow for this exceptionally small space to work on several levels. This fine example comes clad with a gorgeous awning large enough to enclose an entire outdoor room, polished off with pop out counter tops.Welcome to Skoolie Homes, the leader in bus conversion services!

Jeff and Missy Miller began their Skoolie journey to fulfill a necessity for their family to travel on a budget. Many miles later, their love for the Skoolie lifestyle blossomed into becoming an industry leader in RV bus conversion. They have lived the Skoolie life and love sharing this lifestyle of freedom with each Skoolie client.

Learn more about their epic journey! We offer several paths to start living the skoolie life. You get to choose the way! We offer a bus listing service, resources to DIY your Skoolie adventure, and a few shortcuts to speed you along on your journey to buslife!

school bus rv floor plans

From full bus conversion services to roof raise services or a DIY Skoolie Shell, we are the industry leaders in converting buses into homes on wheels. We gut, build, and design your affordable adventure. Want to save yourself the work and headaches? Let us do it for you! Are you a project person? Do you have home improvement skills? Save money and buy a Skoolie shell! Purchase the bus of your choice then bring it to us!

We gut it, then install sub flooring and studding. This is our most affordable option for the DIY builder. Need help finding your dream school bus?

View bus listings from our network of dealers and individual sellers. Work directly with the seller to buy your bus, and get started living your Skoolie dream. Learn about creating a mobile learning environment!

Let us take you to Skoolie school! Our online academy teaches you how to convert your own bus. Need a step-by-step course? Check out our Skoolie Academy Resources! We offer several paths to start living the Skoolie life.

From full bus conversion services to roof raise services or a DIY Skoolie Shell, we are the industry leaders in bus conversion.

school bus rv floor plans

Save money and buy a Skoolie shell service! View listings from our network of dealers and individual sellers. Work directly with the seller to purchase your bus and get started living your Skoolie dream.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Converting a school bus into an RV or living space is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to create something unique and even save money in the process traditional RVs or tiny homes can be quite expensive.

Of course, each build will be different, and each bus to skoolie conversion is easier said than done. You need to be flexible and be able to work around the layout of the bus. With that said, having a building material that is adjustable and easy to work with makes the process go a lot more smoothly.

By taking advantage of Kee Klamp fittingsDana was able to convert this used bus into a beautiful RV complete with custom built countertops, storage, and bed frames.

In this post, we cover the details of Dana's converted bus and how we were able to use Kee Klamp to create the countertops even with uneven surfaces throughout the bus. Follow along:. Dana purchased this Thomas school bus with the idea of converting it into an RV.

50 School Bus Conversion Ideas

Dana had a limited budget and a minimalist design idea. However, turning that vision into a reality would be a tough task. For the most part, you can't just go down to the local store and pick up what you need," said Dana. Ideas can look great on paper, but when you try and build them, they quickly show their flaws.

One area that we did NOT find this to be true was when we designed and built our countertops. We knew they would need to be at the height of the windows, to allow for window replacement. And we knew they would need to be lightweight and simple. To build the countertops in the school bus, Dana used Kee Klamp fittings and pipe to support the countertops.

It took Dana a few nights of coming up with different design possibilities before settling on the current design. Don't take our word for it, take a look at Dana's Skoolie site. Dana's challenges and adventures are documented in The Bus Abides site. To create the counter tops, Dana used plywood for the tops.

The plywood tops were then attached to the "wall" using metal Dana bought at a local home improvement store. Pipe legs were then attached to the floor using the Railing Flange. If you have trouble uploading your documents and images please send them to projects simplifiedbuilding. If your project needs to meet specific load requirements, please make note of that in the field above. Before we knew it, we had all our parts delivered.

Then, we went down to a local metal supply shop and got the aluminum pipe we needed cut to length. We also like that, unlike using wood legs, we can easily modify and add onto this build in the future. During assembly and painting we had to remove the counters more than once. Kee Klamp fittings made this super easy. Another bonus to using Kee Klamp fittings for the design is that the fittings themselves are adjustable. This made leveling the structures easier when putting every together:.There are many stories can be described in best school bus for rv conversion.

May these some pictures for your need, we found these are awesome photos. Well, you can make similar like them. Navigate your pointer, and click the picture to see the large or full size photo.

Right here, you can see one of our best school bus for rv conversion gallery, there are many picture that you can browse, we think you must click them too.

21 Fresh Best School Bus For Rv Conversion

Put dates in your diary to visit your caravan, 17 Pallet Table Ideas not simply weeks but months ahead.

Ask for the park's vital statistics: 1. The number of years a caravan can stay on site 2. The dates of the open season and 3. The annual pitch payment. Take all the same old frequent sense precautions relating to safety, not least locking all exterior doorways and shutting all windows at any time when leaving your caravan unoccupied or you might find a squirrel has ransacked your cupboard! Asking guests to depart their outdoor footwear within the cupboard by the door ensures your carpets final longer.

Keep just a few modifications of clothes, some footwear, a variety of tinned food stuffs, some booze, reading and writing supplies and a number of video games in the caravan, moderately than transporting everything with you each time you go to.

Have a spot for every thing and keep all the things in its place. Only have two gasoline bottles at a time, as two is all that you will ever need, the one you're utilizing and a spare for in the event you run out within the night. With this you'll get a citation for the providers that knowledgeable mover can render to you and you'll be able to undergo a few quotations and decide on the one which fits you finest. This manner you possibly can discover the native space to greatest effect.

That manner you will make extra use of your caravan and your travelling prices will probably be diminished. You'll be stunned how many footpaths and wild life trails you will find off the crushed monitor! The initial query after all can be your correct address along with the zip code, so that they know precisely where the trailer will be moved. There are totally different sorts of mobile homes, so the size of the trailer additionally issues, they might be triple extensive, double wide or single wide in size.

The cell home may be moved to a different place in response to the laws and laws of the state the place you live and the state the place you might be moving.

Our Schoolbus Conversion aka "Skoolie" Layout

Switch of the gas, electricity and water on the mains if you're leaving your holiday dwelling for 12 hours or extra. When choosing a holiday dwelling park, purpose for one which is no more than two hours' drive from your home, preferably much less. The fee per day goes down the extra you stay there! Take down curtains and nets and, if essential, use the opportunity to offer all bedding an excellent wash.

The age the width and the size of the cellular house would additionally need to be considered by the moving service to provide you with an estimate of the associated fee.

If the chassis is just not galvanised give it a coat of paint, underneath seal or a protective treatment every year or two. Buy a mannequin with a galvanised chassis - especially in case your chosen park is on the coast to avoid any risk of corrosion. You may always change your holiday residence for a special model however there's nothing you are able to do concerning the park on which it's sited, apart from moving to another site, which may prove very expensive indeed.

Having your own Holiday Home gives you a level of freedom, flexibility, comfort and convenience, plus worth for money, which no different commodity or service can match. Moving a mobile home has a lot of rules to be thought-about and lots of questions to be answered. Below are 21 best pictures collection of best school bus for rv conversion photo in high resolution. Click the image for larger image size and more details.

View Gallery 21 Photos. Related Posts.When we initially discovered the idea of converting a school bus into a home and I went into research mode every bus I found had a center aisle floor plan. I was NOT a fan of people walking in the door of our bus and seeing our bedroom so originally our plan was to put up a door but I just wasn't a fan of that idea. And then I found this image on Instagram busnbreakfast.

And suddenly the possibilities for our bus were endless!! I went to work on a layout that would work for our family and here were some of our requirements:. Things didn't exactly get built to this plan but here is how each section breaks down:.

Living Room Walking in the door we have shoe storage, this has been such a blessing and has helped us to keep the bus organized. Next was the couches. Having 6 people on the bus meant that seating was IMPORTANT, originally we had one couch longer than the other but when there were some space lost in the bus more about that later we ended up having to shrink one of the couches.

The couches come together to make a bed a little smaller than a full and there is storage on the inside. We willingly sacrificed space in the fridge for more counter space and we wouldn't change it for a second! Dining This has been the most difficult problem to solve and has caused the most frustration. I thought we had found the perfect solution having a flip up table that we could all sit around but we lost space inside the bus during the build and it has been an epic fail.

We then tried a center table that we can sit at the couches and eat, it was also a fail. Our current solution is eating dinner outside at our patio table and we are loving the weather, obviously this is a fare-weather solution and we are working on something for the long-term.

We will be following up with a "things we would change" post and this is 2nd on the list. Bathroom It was important to me that the bathroom was one area and not split up between two places which is common for center aisle skoolies. Also, that we could bathe the baby in a mini RV tub. If I could redo ANY part of the bus it would be the bathroom and is 1 on the "things we would change" list.

We do love the amount of storage we have.My first school bus conversion skoolie was an escape. Why on earth did I turn a retired school bus into a mobile tiny home? Simple: Big yellow buses are cheap and durable. And where RVs are designed to be lightweight, buses are designed to work. That gets you a steel-framed body and steel paneling on top of a heavy-duty commercial truck frame. And under the hood, most school buses feature commercial-grade diesel engines that have been reliably maintained by fleet mechanics.

My book, Skoolie! Then there are odds and ends to remove, as well as wiring issues to address. For hand tools, you should have a standard and a metric set of socket wrenches, a combination wrench set, screwdrivers, a pry bar, and a couple pairs of locking pliers.

Instead of using a wrench, aim your angle grinder cutting wheel at the base of the bolts at a slight angle to slice into the bolt. Regardless, remove the original thin metal interior siding to inspect for rust, allow for better insulation, and open up options for custom wall paneling.

Demolishing the original ceiling panels is done exactly the same way as the wall panels. A lot of air temperature is lost and gained through the ceiling, so you might want to replace the old insulation with newer, more efficient insulation.

And removing the original floor allows you to add a new insulated surface to help maintain a comfortable temperature inside. Insulation also cuts down on road noise. As you get the rubber to pull up, you can grab it and peel it back by hand. It helps to have someone prying along the bottom edge of the rubber as you pull.

Next, remove the plywood layer. The plywood is usually glued to the metal in various shapes and sizes. Once you pry up an edge of each plywood piece, you can begin pulling the wood up by hand. In many cases, you can remove an item that has wiring running to it and simply cap off each wire with a wire nut. Overhead speakers were originally used for intercom systems, but they can be connected to a stereo.Your bus needs to be in good form.

For people that are wheelchair bound a wheelchair lift bus would be good. If you would like to take a look at our very first bus you will see it here. Others would advocate converting school buses because of their lower initial price. School buses are nostalgic for many men and women. They definitely have the space you need to create a great RV alternative. Not to mention it is just cool to reside in an enormous yellow school bus!

Surprisingly, a fire truck creates a terrific choice for conversion and is pretty good to check it too. Then you move into your car or truck. On account of the extended length along with the height of the van, the vehicle has inherent security troubles. The very first thing you do is decide what kind of vehicle you need to reside in and purchase it.

Start the design and build process today to have the specialty vehicle you require. Tried and true, tent campers are a good option since they are expandable and convenient. RVs have always been a good option in regards to domestic travel. Remember where the plumbing fixtures are situated on your RV.

Choose the greatest fuel tank you can reasonably fit your RV. Then you own a garage sale and sell as much of your surplus stuff as possible, and provide the rest away. You should have the ability to find a great assortment at auctions and bus barns in your region.

The costs are very inexpensive. Regardless of what type of bus you select, the expense of conversion will cost the exact same.

School Bus (Skoolie) Conversion into an RV Camper

You will find that the total cost of the materials utilized in a hand-crafted base is roughly the exact same as the price of a comparably sized fiberglass pan. One of the absolute most convenient options is a generator. Another wiring choice is to use a transfer switch.

The full space is gorgeous and has so many fantastic details you will see something new each time you peak at the photos. The shower floor contains teak slats that are removable in the event the drain to the grey water tank should be accessed. The decrease entry step is accomplished by having a decrease floor on the bus. Think of what you would really like in the back of the bus and move forward.

The front part of the bus is going to be the living area together with a sleeping area for those adults. The rear of the bus is going to be a bedroom for those kids with large storage drawers under both beds.

Do you find school bus rv conversion floor plans. Get in The Trailer is the best place when you want about photos to add your insight, may you agree these are artistic images. Okay, you can vote them. Navigate your pointer, and click the picture to see the large or full size image.

School Bus RV Conversion Floor Plans

Right here, you can see one of our school bus rv conversion floor plans gallery, there are many picture that you can found, remember to see them too. Once your private objects are saved in a plastic container they're secure. This means that they can be utilized to retailer any of your private belongings together with clothes, images, odds and ends, and anything else that you just want stored. Small plastic containers can be utilized to store meals to stop small bugs from invading them and to keep meals recent.

You can buy medium dimension bins for your instruments and containers to keep your supplies in. You'll be able to purchase extremely small containers that will hold your nails, screws, nuts and bolts to keep all of them organized. Once the lid is placed on a plastic container the meals will likely be provided with an airtight atmosphere and will be preserved longer.

24 Best Short Bus Camper Conversion Ideas

The nice factor is you won't have to fret concerning the container breaking down over time or rotting. The nice factor about using these containers is they're easy to stack.

Here are some of the most common uses for plastic storage containers and maybe among the not-so-widespread ones as nicely. These are just some of the numerous uses of plastic containers, however you possibly can probably consider extra on your own.

Plastic storage containers are available in any style and measurement you want. These plastic storage bins are excellent for the workroom. When the bedroom clutter is attending to be a lot of a problem, plastic storage containers are the perfect resolution. If you look around your house you're sure to search out some clutter that you've got been making an attempt to handle for years and just haven't been capable of get underneath management.

By storing this stuff in a plastic container, you'll be able to make your private home look neater and your stuff will likely be conveniently stored till you may get around to sorting things out. In a storage that houses the family automotive, there may not be a lot of room for storage however by stacking containers you'll make the very best use of the restricted area.

Anything from clothes to shoes may be stored in these storage bins and there are even containers which are specially made to fit below a bed.Standard camper trailers bought from manufacturers are usually so expensive. It is even so unfortunate that once you purchase it and start driving away from the lot its value significantly starts to depreciate.

Even though the standard recreational vehicles sourced from professional manufacturers offer functionality and reliability, they usually lack the personal style and taste that most users usually strive to experience from them. Basically the cost of converting an old school bus into a camper is affordable than having to purchase a brand new RV from the manufacturer. In fact, even with less capital, you can easily convert that old school short bus into your dream RV camper. One that matches your unique needs, taste, style and class!

Still wondering how you can achieve that? Well, we take you through some best short bus camper conversion ideas to get you started from scratch up:. Choosing the bus or van that you will be converting into a camper is the first and vital step that you have to do.

There are just so many types of vehicle models out there for you to choose from. Ideally, the best one for you will depend on your unique needs and wants. There are some short buses that are good at providing extra space, some are cost effective while some are just good when it comes to stealth camping.

The kind of short bus that you will choose for your conversion idea will be very much dependent on the following things:. It is certainly the most exciting part of the process of converting a short bus into a camper.

Here, the possibilities are endless for you and you will find lots of fun at imagining just how everything will eventually turn out. On a serious note though, laying out your short bus effectively greatly depends on your skillful planning. You will certainly need to create something that you will be able to comfortably live in just in a very tiny space.

Will they be two people, three or four? Will pets also be there? If you will have many people living in the bus then more bed space will be necessary.

school bus rv floor plans

It is also important to note that an open hangout area or common area for everybody will be needed. If you are that person who is six inches tall or more, having a layout where the bed goes across the bus may come in your way from comfortably stretching out.Have you ever dreamed of packing all your possessions in an old school bus and heading for the hills?

Well dream no more! Here are some free floor plans for your school bus conversion to help you start your project of a lifetime. Get those creative juices flowing and check out these clever conversions, creative uses of space and all round wonderful ideas.

Just one of the great ideas on the forum at Bus Nut. Get the full story with pictures on this great build at Hank Bought a Bus. Another great plan from Skoolie. This free school bus conversion floor plan comes to you from Pimp My School Bus. Custom Evolution Coach bring you this great free floor plan for your bus conversion.

Decor Bold brings you this amazing school bus conversion floor plan. Want to watch us build a tiny house in the spring? Of course you do! Great article! I have a question, How much does a bus conversion cost? Of course, that depends on what bus you find, what you plan to do with it and if you do the work or not. I hope that helps. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

school bus rv floor plans

Notify me of new posts by email. Great ideas from Gone Camping. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Converting an old school bus into a tiny home on wheels was something that we never thought we would do, or could do for that matter.

I had a small amount of knowledge in things like heating and air conditioning as my father owned and operated in that field for many years.

I dabbled around in tile for a summer with a family friend right after high school as well as some construction here and there. None of that however prepared us for Skoolie Conversion from the inside out. One thing we did know was that there is an abundance of information a click away. The internet is filled with Skoolie forums, YouTube tutorials and limitless blogs answering any question we could have had.

Having good friends that do this kind of thing for a living is also a huge plus. Now that it is all said and done, our home is built and we have been on the road full-time for just over five months, I want to share with you the steps we took to make our dream a reality. The first piece of advice I will give you is to pick a bus that will fit your needs. There is actually way more to it than just finding a bus on Craigslist that looks cool and figuring out how you are going to make it work after you buy it.

Take into account how many people are traveling with you. Start with sleeping arrangements and then move your way forward. Now you are forced to downsize because your bus is too short. Design first, buy your bus second. Next step is planning where you want your new home on wheels to go. Something we never considered was that buying your bus somewhere else can completely change what transmission you get and how the bus is geared.

If however, you purchased a bus from somewhere like Colorado or Utah you would be confident in knowing that it was designed with a transmission and gearing that will get you up and down the mountains with zero problems. The bus we purchased is a International with a DTe engine and an Allison automatic transmission. It had a little over k miles on it, was already painted grey and had the rear side handicap door we were looking for. We started our skoolie conversion where most people do, taking out the seats.

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school bus rv floor plans

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school bus rv floor plans

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50 School Bus Conversion Ideas

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7 Free Floor Plans for School Bus to Tiny Home Conversions

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Skoolie Bus Conversion Floor Plan

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